Extra cost for cheap flights

Cheap holidays are becoming more and more a reality, especially for airlines without frills. These airlines offer cheap flights to various holiday destinations, making most citizens more affordable to travel overseas, especially in developed countries. Many of these airlines offer airline tickets that are 70% cheaper than regular airfare, making travellers affordable. With attractive cheap holiday deals, cheap travel is becoming a big business, and overseas holidays are no longer reserved for the rich. However, when you book flights for these airlines, there are some issues that may increase the actual price of the ticket. Therefore, these fees need to be included in your travel expenses.


Many of these cheap flights deliberately deduct airport charges and taxes from their advertising tickets to provide the cheapest fare, thereby attracting more passengers to use the airline. Many travelers use airline comparison sites to search for the cheapest airline to any given destination. Therefore, the fares of these flights tend to get the cheapest fares. However, they will not consider these other costs to gain an undue advantage over other airlines. In countries like the UK, there is a continuing legal battle between low-cost airlines and regular airlines for such misleading fares. Therefore, please pay attention to this trick when looking for these flights.


The other major cost associated with cheap flights is baggage fees. Many airlines without frills allow only a small portion of their luggage to enter the airline for free. They even refer to hand luggage as part of the baggage. The baggage allowance is usually lower than most cheap holiday travelers need. Airlines will also charge very extra extra weight in an attempt to recover the cost of the loss through low fares. Some airlines even charge for all luggage and do not provide free luggage windows. Therefore, you need to keep this in mind when booking from these airlines.

Food during travel

Many low-cost airlines do not provide food on the go, so they need to buy food at the airport, which is an additional cost. Other cheap flights will provide food on board, but charges will apply. Either way, anyone who chooses to travel through these no extra decorations must pay for the restaurant on board the budget.

Airport transfer

Most of these low-cost airlines will land at airports that are not necessarily popular airports. Many people will land at cheaper airports to reduce landing fees. However, many of these cheap airports will also be far from major cities. Therefore, you must budget an additional fee for the extra cost of the airport transfer.

Online check-in and priority boarding

Additional charges for online check-in and priority boarding will be charged for no frill flights. The priority is not to reserve a seat to reduce the time of the airport. Therefore, if you need priority boarding, you may be required to pay an additional fee.

No refund

Another limitation of these airlines is that they will not be refunded even if they are cancelled. Therefore, you need to determine your cheap holiday trip before booking.