Use cheap flights to fly to the three major countries of South America

Bogota is the capital of Colombia and a major tourist attraction. It is still an ideal destination for coffee lovers. With Colombia's production accounting for the second highest in the world, Bogota is an important reference point for exploring the country's booming coffee industry. From Bogotá, you can take part in many guided day trips and wine tastings, which will attract visitors to learn about Colombian coffee beans. For those who want to venture further afield, it takes only 50 minutes by plane to reach Armenia, a city in the heart of the coffee area. Armenia has many large plantations known by locals as the estate and the Parque National de Café, a coffee-style amusement park that is ideal for young tourists.

Bolivia is one of the landlocked countries of South America and its proposed visit time is in the spring of this year. There are many things to do and experience, especially those who like popular coffee beans. Buena Vista in Santa Cruz is an ancient colonial town that welcomes the illusion of coffee. In the centre of Buena Vista around the square, there is a variety of tours – usually only $4 per hour. Also, closer to La Paz, the capital of Bolivia, is a coffee area that is of interest to adventurous travelers. The Yungas area between the Andes and the Amazon is ideal for exploring mountain biking or hiking. In this way, you can learn about the traditional story of coffee transport from Coroico to the famous dangerous Yungas Road to La Paz. Due to the warm and rainy climate, the coffee plants in the Yungas area flourished.

In the affluent areas bordering Brazil and Argentina, coffee production in Paraguay is booming. In general, Paraguay relies on agriculture as its main industry, including the manufacture of coffee. There are many tourism in Paraguay, especially in rural areas. Those seeking natural excitement should head to Eco-Reserva Mbatoví, a protected nature reserve that offers guided tours and zips through the forest canopies. This charming natural area is located near Asunción, the capital of Paraguay. Overlooking the Paraguay River, Asunción has many attractions. These include the square, the outdoor market, the Museo de Historia Natural museum and of course many cafes!

You can't be bored in any exotic country in South America, so take advantage of today's cheap flights to the mainland!