Cheap emotions – the low cost airlines of India


The economic airline aviation industry took some time to catch up in India. Thought began in Western countries and was quickly selected in East Asian countries. Richard Branson, of Virgin Airlines, was the first in Britain to begin this concept.

Air Deccan can take recognition for bringing the economic idea of ​​the airline to the Indian skies. It started a few years ago, the Bangalore-based organization is a Deccan Aviation high school, which controls charter air services, primarily with helicopters. Air Deccan unleashed aggressive competition in the aviation landscape with prices that often matched those of train fares. In response, major national airlines such as Indian Airlines, Jet Air and Sahara Airlines reduced fares and revealed advanced purchasing systems to face the new rival. The rivalry, as always, brought the most excellent facilities for the client. Air Deccan is preparing mainly to hit the economic air traveler from meters to meters.

The rivalry was not far behind. Just a year later, Air Deccan rose to the skies when the news of Kingfisher Airline of Vijay Mallya arrived. Mallya declared his plans to fly to the skies with his own Indian without complications. It is not recognized that the ostentatious president of the UB group does things halfway. Kingfisher's Mallaya invested 150 million rupees to launch its functions. Mallya flights took off to the skies in early 2005.

Although the battle of low-cost flights increases, large aviation companies are not inactive. The country's flag airline, Air-India, then announced its move to establish a secondary service called Air India Express, which will be a low-cost airline worldwide. There is a fleet of 14 Boeing 737-800, which were taken in dry lease in three stages. Therefore, within a year of operations, Air-India Express will make a total of 127 flights with 14 aircraft to places in the Gulf and Southeast Asia.

In the intervening period, another low-cost Indian airline supposedly faces problems to start. Bangalore founded AirOne Feeder Airline, it was believed that it began operations with two Brazilian Embraers. Air Deccan says its goal is to keep the rates lower and lower. More flights, both Indian and foreign are probably to board. Aviation industry professionals believe there is room for at least five low-cost domestic airlines in India. In the meantime, wait for the big fish of national aviation to compete with the violent and cost-cutting Apex schemes. The fight for the economic skies has just begun