Air travel on the cheap


Today, more than ever (and especially considering the unstable nature of world and US economies), those who travel by plane are attentive to plane tickets that will not cost them the proverbial arm and leg. Well, at least not an arm. Most people think they can survive with just one leg, these days.

I'm just kidding about arm-leg, maybe. But maybe not, especially if you could get really cheap plane tickets. In that case, I might even consider renting a couple of my sister's children to wash the car a little and clean the house for the people of the travel agency or the managers of airline ticket counters who could buy them for me and my wife. .

Actually, it doesn't have to be so difficult, nor most air travelers should consider getting cheap flights as something like finding a single black grain of sand on a stretch of Hawaii's sandy beach a mile from long (although it would be good to fly there and spend a few decades doing it).

In fact, all that is really required is a little vigilance and the willingness to buy a ticket at the last minute, in many cases. The surveillance part comes from looking at the websites of the airlines to see the falls and price increases, which will occur on any flight constantly during the life of selling tickets for that particular flight.

Now that we all run with phones, smartphones and other electronic devices that protrude from our ears or other parts of our body, it should be easy enough to keep track of these changes, don't you think? Of course you would.

In fact, falls and price increases are a constant event, since the ticket blocks on a flight are priced at different levels according to a number of factors, some of which are quite simple, but some of which They are extremely dark. All these factors are grouped into a program that most airlines call "performance management" or "revenue management" (on a broader scale).

Anyway, if you can study a little and then you are willing to play a last minute game (or a game where you buy a ticket for a very, very distant flight in the future, maybe even a year), then really You can find cheap plane tickets. However, be prepared to accept certain restrictions, which all airlines, including even most low-cost airlines (called "LCC" in the business), impose on most airline tickets that are sold to what Even discount-oriented travelers might consider fire sale prices.

As an example, a flight from Detroit (DTW) to Orlando (MCO) could be quoted for almost US $ 400, round trip, in the days prior to scheduled departure. However, in the last hours before the flight is supposed to leave, at a time when the airline begins to consider putting someone in an empty seat, regardless of what it can do on the ticket, it is known that prices They go down to around 120 or 130 US dollars, round trip.

All legacy airlines operate with this kind of performance management theory, which says that it is always better to park a butt in an empty seat and earn any amount of money instead of none, if the plane leaves the door with nobody sitting in that seat, apart from some "no rev" (airline employee, as it used to be) that is hitching a trip somewhere.

This is true even if the costs involved in the fuel and other tickets of the ticket price are greater than what is earned by selling the ticket at that price. Money is money, and better to have a little, right? Be brave, intelligent and get ready to travel at any time! Cheap plane tickets are available, if you know how to get to them.